FASHION TIPS: Dressing For Your Body Type!

When dressing yourself each individual knows what makes them feel comfortable and what looks best. Dressing is more than putting clothes on your back, it is about creating a statement and expressing to the world who you are.

Dressing well can bring forth confidence and meet self esteem needs. According to a new report commissioned by Dove, a staggering 89 per cent of Australian women are opting to cancel plans, job interviews or other important engagements simply because of how they look. (Brown, 2016)

Dr Susan Paxton, who was involved with the research states “Women are under many pressures to conform to beauty ideals, and the report shows that social media is presenting a new challenge and adding pressure to look a certain way.” (Brown, 2016)

Each body is different and beautiful in it’s own way we have listed below the best tips to dress for your body type.


Body Types Source: Wikimedia Commons

Scroll down to see specific styles that make your body type look its absolute best, from tops to skirts and dresses.

img-set (6).jpg


When dressing for your body type highlight the thinnest part of your waist so that your hips and bust appear proportional. 

Ruffled Blouse: Allows your bust area to look larger

Tie pants: Brings focus to the tie area in the pant allowing your hip area to appear fuller

Body con dress: Hugs your body in all the right places making it look smaller in proportion to your bust and hips.

Denim low waist jeans: This look would suit anyone with very slim hips because it would highlight and show them off.



Your goal is to shrink your midsection by highlighting your shoulders and legs.

Off Shoulder dresses and tops: Flared tops that showcase your shoulders are a great way to reduce the size of the midsection by showing off other areas of the body.

Mini Skirts: Allow for longer legs creating a thinner illusion from head to toe.

Cropped trouser: Pants that feature an elastic waistband and sit below the waist ensure no stomach bulge.

img-set (7).jpg


Your goal is to elongate and balance your figure by accentuating your upper body and embracing those curves. 

Flare mini dress: Bare shoulders tend to take attention off your lower body, and a flare skirt shape is ideal for highlighting the smallest part of your waist and then flaring out to conceal wider hips.

Detailed tops: Embellished, mesh or detailed tops center focus on your slim upper body. Keep all bottom garments simple to avoid distraction.

Flare jeans: Boot-cut jeans draw eye focus away from the hips, and the volume at the hem balances out your hips, making them seem perfectly proportioned to the rest of the body.



Your goal is to highlight and embrace your curves, not hide them, by emphasizing your waist and bust! 

Crop top and pencil skirt combo: The Kim Kardashian signature is incredibly flattering on curvier girls as it allows for your top and bottom to be cinched in making your waist appear smaller.

V-neck or sweetheart body con dresses: The V-neck is super-flattering to your bust, and the body hugging fit highlights the curve between your waist and hips. Extra flare below the thighs ensures the body is elongated.

High waist jeans: Fitting perfectly around the waist with extra room around the leg, these jeans will fit like a glove and show off all your curves in all the right places.



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