New Year New You! Looks to make you sparkle!

It was nice knowing you 2016, but were moving on to bigger and better things in 2017!

With every New Year that comes along Champagne and confetti is essential to conclude a year and begin the next. So why stop there? Why not bring that Sparkle & brighten your life up all year round. So leave behind all old habits and dull ideas about yourself, and make the resolution to brighten up your closet and personal surroundings.

New Year is the time that individuals set their goals and aspirations in order to change their lifestyle. Many people aim for saving money, dressing better or simply losing weight. Everything is better said than done! According to the University of Scranton,  research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. (Diamond, 2013)

Setting goals can give individuals inspiration, however not achieving them can cause frustration. This is why goals should be logical and achievable in order to ensure results. A resolution to lose weight or save money is not that easy to do, individuals must be specific with how they plan to achieve outcomes. ‘Be specific. Don’t say you’re “going to start going to the gym” set a clear ambition notes Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist.

We’ve created looks below to get each individuals ambition flowing whether it be to work out in style, save money on clothes, travel or look fabulous for the New Year without breaking the bank.





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