HOW TO: Dress For A Wedding

The wedding season always manages to creep around leaving women stressed at the thought of dressing for the occasion. Dressing appropriately for a wedding can be a struggle as what works for church weddings may not necessarily be appropriate for an outdoor setting.

The essential thing to remember is shopping for an outfit to wear to a wedding should look stylish but should never distract from the bride or draw attention for the wrong reasons. Always refer to the wording provided on the invitation as well as the season the wedding is held to determine your attire. (The Knot, 2017)

Below we have your guide on the Do’s and Dont’s when dressing for a wedding.

1. Never attend a wedding wearing white 

According to George at Asda, Three in five women would “happily wear white to a wedding”. (Pithers, 2015) The golden rule to remember is that if you’re not the bride you shouldn’t dress like one! Staying away from white lace or anything that can pass as bridal is essential!

2. Avoid Animal Print 

Unless you’re attending a theme wedding leave the animal print at home. Heavily printed animal dresses are perfect for bachelorette parties but are not meant for black tie weddings.

3. Don’t wear Flip flops but bring them along! 

It would probably be best to avoid wearing your flip flops to a wedding venue/ceremony. If you’re expected to wear heels to an outdoor setting, why not bring your thongs along in your clutch!

4. Neon

The bride should not be able to pick you out in every picture by the distracting fluro colour of your dress. Try to go with neutral subtle colours that aren’t harsh on the eyes!

5. Plunging Neck Line 

A plunging deep V can make a statement when paired with midi skirt attached. This makes for an elegant look that can be worn day to night.

Embed from Getty Images

Below we have listed the top five looks appropriate for a range of weddings!



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